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a creative engine for redemptive entrepreneurship, supporting founders, funders, and innovators motivated by their faith to renew culture and love their neighbors.

Jessica Kim
Jessica Kim is a 2014 Business Fellow, a 2019 Entrepreneur-in-Residence in the Venture Lab, and a Praxis Venture Partner. Through the Venture Lab she developed and launched her current startup Ianacare, an app that encourages, empowers, and equips family caregivers.
Brett Hagler
Brett Hagler is a 2017 Nonprofit Fellow leading New Story. Last year, his organization built the world’s first permitted, 3D printed house in 48 hours in Mexico, with the goal of printing an entire neighborhood of 600-800 square foot homes.
Kelly Lyndgaard
Alexander McLean is a 2017 Nonprofit Fellow and leads Justice Defenders, a UK-based movement of defenders from all walks of life working to provide legal education, training, and practice within defenseless communities.
Mark Sears
Mark Sears is a 2014 Business Fellow and leads CloudFactory, with the mission to connect one million people in the developing world to digital-age work. For Mark, the Praxis community has been essential, not only through financial investment and client referrals, but by providing a community of practice, expertise, and encouragement.
Sarah and Hudson
Sarah Saxton-Frump and Hudson Baird are 2018 Nonprofit Fellows and lead PelotonU to serve non-traditional students in higher education. Through their redemptive approach to care for their students, team, and vendors as well as the greater Austin nonprofit sector, they’ve become an example to many other entrepreneurs in our community.
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Leading Beyond the Blizzard: Why Every Organization Is Now a Startup

By Andy Crouch, Kurt Keilhacker, and Dave Blanchard

Strategies for Winter: Redemptive Leadership in Survival Times

By Dave Blanchard, Andy Crouch, Jon Hart, Scott Kauffmann, and Jena Lee Nardella

The Redemptive Edge podcast, Season Two

Andy Crouch and Donna Harris on “Creative Action Begins with Lament." Listen now.

Who We Are

Our community of practice operates through high-touch programs, robust content, and a global portfolio of redemptive business & nonprofit ventures.

Business Accelerator

The mentorship-driven Business Accelerator program equips top ventures as they seek the redemptive edge in their industries. We accept up to 12 startups per year, with up to two Fellows per venture.

Nonprofit Accelerator

The mentorship-driven Nonprofit Accelerator program equips top ventures as they seek the redemptive edge in their industries. We accept up to 12 startups per year, with up to two Fellows per venture.

Praxis Course

A six-session video and discussion series on developing the mindset of redemptive entrepreneurs, builders, and creatives. Everything is free—just gather a small group and meet online or in person.

Praxis Academy

A community of next-generation creatives, builders, and entrepreneurs pursuing redemptive action. We lead summer immersions and equip schools, entrepreneurship programs, and campus groups.

Praxis Guilds

Guilds are groups of entrepreneurial leaders committed to practicing and advancing redemptive entrepreneurship together in their location.


Redemptive entrepreneurship is not merely a theory; it’s an advancing reality, embodied in a global community of practice, building and funding ventures that make a significant mark in dozens of sectors and countries.

We measure impact through the growth of ventures in our Accelerator and Venture Lab portfolio, the active commitment of our community, and the reach and engagement of our content.

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Creative restoration through sacrifice.

Redemptive action is creating new possibilities by sacrificing so that others can be restored to flourishing.

The Redemptive Frame helps define and explore the possibilities for redemptive action in any domain, particularly in entrepreneurship and organizational leadership.

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A chart showing the expanding circles of exploitative, ethical, and redemptive models.
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A Rule of Life for Redemptive Entrepreneurs

A rule of life is a set of shared habits and practices, undertaken in the belief that we need help from one another to live the lives God meant for us. This Rule of Life is not meant to replace the ordinary practices of faithfulness to which all members of the church are called. But it is meant to guard us and our households from the greatest dangers of the entrepreneurial vocation, and to maximize our opportunity for redemptive influence.

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The Redemptive

At Praxis, our work with Nonprofit Fellows in the Accelerator program, and our team's and mentors' own leadership experiences, have helped us to gain deep insight into the challenges and opportunities of leading a nonprofit.

Our playbook for nonprofit leaders is an invitation to design, plan, and take redemptive action in six commitment areas at the heart of flourishing and vibrant organizations.

A mockup of the book cover for "The Redemptive Nonprofit"
A medium shot of Steve Lee or Aura.

Aura is on a mission to restore the world's emotional health.

We've learned what it means to see Aura as a vehicle of God's vision and grace, and how to leverage creativity to focus on achieving our true mission rather than chasing after business metrics.

A medium shot of Kelly Lyndaard of unshattered.

Unshattered is a social enterprise that helps women win their fight against addiction through job training and employment.

It felt like I had come home. Praxis is the community I had been looking for my whole life.

Kelly Lyndgaard, Unshattered
A flat lay of an assortment of book covers featuring various U.S. cities.

Wildsam uses unrivaled local knowledge and soulful storytelling to reveal the marrow of the world's great places.

As an entrepreneur, so often I am focused on the immediate next thing. Praxis points me to think foundationally about the heart and soul of our company.




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